Perspective : Camera Position : Shooting from Below

Welcome to Week Twenty-One of p52.2 : Framed.

Pointing the camera in a direction other than head-on often yields intriguing results, simply because we typically engage with the world at eye level. Or do we? Last week we focused on a downward perspective, which as seen from many of our photographs, is a familiar angle for parents interacting with their small ones. This week, we are shooting upward – this perspective can make something (or someone) small look disproportionately big, or if pointed high enough, may capture the wonder of vast skies or tall buildings. Playing with scope and scale are side benefits to this week’s assignment, as is the reminder to look around and see what is happening above our heads as well as in front of our eyes. In our final week on perspective, we hope our enjoyment in making this set of images shines through in the collage below.

Our year-long collaborative blog project is dedicated to composition and artistry. Please click HERE to read more about our project. The gallery mosaic is randomly sorted every time you load the page so please Refresh the page in your browser to see a different view. Please click on the individual images to see a larger version on the artist’s website and, in some cases, a series of related images.


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