Pattern & Contrast : Traditional Contrast

Welcome to Week Twenty-Four of p52.2 : Framed.

In weeks 22 and 23 on patterns, we looked for repeated similar elements in our compositions. For the rest of March, we shift our focus to contrast. A broad definition of contrast in art is the juxtaposition of opposite elements. Contrast between adjacent elements intensifies the properties of each and adds dynamism or drama to a work of art. The most well-known application of contrast in photography is the degree of difference between dark and light elements. This week, our photographs employ contrast in this traditional sense as the foundation of our compositions.

Our year-long collaborative blog project is dedicated to composition and artistry. Please click HERE to read more about our project. The gallery mosaic is randomly sorted every time you load the page so please Refresh the page in your browser to see a different view. Please click on the individual images to see a larger version on the artist’s website and, in some cases, a series of related images.


One Response to p52.2 : week 24

  1. Susan says:

    Love the depth in each of these pictures!

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