Tonality : Low Key

Welcome to Week Twenty-Eight of p52.2 : Framed.

Last week we experimented with high key images. Created by bright, light tones and whites, these images evoke emotions to match – happy, upbeat and high energy. On the opposite end of the spectrum is low key lighting. This intense style of lighting emphasizes the dark and black tones in an image, with very little in the way of whites or highlights. The resulting images tend towards the dramatic and mysterious. There are endless options for how to create these images, but the use of dark tones, deep colors, and strong shadows should direct the viewer to the subject, creatively and with drama.

Our year-long collaborative blog project is dedicated to composition and artistry. Please click HERE to read more about our project. The gallery mosaic is randomly sorted every time you load the page so please Refresh the page in your browser to see a different view. Please click on the individual images to see a larger version on the artist’s website and, in some cases, a series of related images.


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