Photographer’s Choice

Welcome to Week Fifty-One of p52.2 : Framed.

This month’s theme has been devoted to a breaking-the-rules approach to composition: the study of multiple exposure, as well as images that are intentionally captured out-of-focus. Breaking the rules of photographic conventions is compelling as an artist because sometimes the image is the result of a happy accident and sometimes it is the result of crafting an image with careful intent. Allowing ourselves freedom from rules gives us permission to take risks or see things in a new way. When a rules-breaking image works, it can be truly powerful and satisfying for photographer and viewer alike.

With this approach in mind, this week’s theme is photographer’s choice — a sort of creative free-for-all for us to share our most fun, thought-provoking or creative recent work.

Our year-long collaborative blog project is dedicated to composition and artistry. Please click HERE to read more about our project. The gallery mosaic is randomly sorted every time you load the page so please Refresh the page in your browser to see a different view. Please click on the individual images to see a larger version on the artist’s website and, in some cases, a series of related images.


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