Fear : Gut Check – continued

In our third post under Artistry, we continue our introductions of the Artists of Who We Become. We will have several posts this week in order to include us all. See the first post of the week HERE for an explanation of our weekly topic.

Today we highlight the next 5 of our artists: Sarah, Kim, Cheryl, Julie K. and Julie M.

Sarah Murchison


The simple act of capturing special moments, a cute smile, a toothless grin, or  just bringing to life a look through my camera for others to enjoy, makes my day. While I specialize in kids and family photography, I want to push myself to other types of photography, street, night and nature.

I was born and raised in Argentina, but am now enjoying one of my lifelong dreams by living in New York, with my Aussie husband and three little girls.

Kim DuPree


The first camera I ever owned was a point and shoot camera given to my husband and I as a wedding gift from my in-laws. Since that time I have always enjoyed documenting our lives through photographs, which is apparent by the large number of scrapbooks on our bookshelves. In the year of 2012 I made a commitment to take a photography class, which is where I met many of these talented ladies who are part of this project. I am continually inspired by their tremendous talent and feel quite honored to participate. I am looking forward to the growth I know that will occur over the coming weeks despite the fear of venturing out of my comfort zone.

I reside in East Texas where I’m content to spend my time at home immersed in a book or project. I tend to be a creature of habit and like to work behind the scenes, which may explain why I prefer to be the one behind the camera. Besides capturing my family, I also enjoy photographing the youthful energy and unique personalities of graduating seniors. As I progress through this project, I would like to expand my work to include more lifestyle images of my family and concept shooting to broaden my stock photography portfolio.


Cheryl Sawyer

Cheryl Sawyer | Twin Lights

I am a full-time professional in a field far removed from photography, as well as mom to two school-aged girls. Life is a constant juggling act. I started learning about photography to better document my family, and the technical and compositional challenges captured the quantitative side of my brain. But now that I have a good handle on the foundational techniques, and have no professional aspirations in photography, what’s next?

I don’t have strongly defined personal goals for this project yet. The very title Artistry is intimidating for me, since I have never thought of myself as artistic. I expect it to be a year of exploration, which may range broadly. I hope to devote more attention to capturing breathtaking or intriguing images of natural or urban surroundings; half the battle will be to get myself to beautiful or interesting places with time to concentrate on taking photos. I hope to improve my ability to photograph people in both posed and candid settings. Most of all, I hope to work past my discomfort with sharing images publicly and committing my photos to large prints.


Julie Kiernan

Film from snorkeling trip-Bahamas

Thinking about what describes me, my fears and goals:

mother, wife, business manager, photographer (the hats I wear)

sunsets, nature, faith, kissing my children, laughing loudly, seeing the world (what fills my soul)

marketing and building my business, large group shots-because I like connecting with one or two people as I photograph, unexplored genres such as weddings, shooting film (what scares me, but I’d like to explore in my photography)

authentic, connected, joyful and peaceful (words that describe my art and me)

intentional (2014): consistent (2015)

Picture: From my first roll of film on a snorkeling trip. Because I want to see and experience things that scare me, I will do things that scare me-such as snorkeling in unknown waters because I want to see the beauty of the colorful fish and coral beneath. Or I may learn something new such a film, or try a new approach, working to be consistent and intentional in whatever I do. Life is short; people and experiences matter most to me.  (goals as I age and realize life isn’t infinite)


Julie Mak


I have always enjoyed taking photos for as long as I can remember, and have many memories as a child eagerly waiting for prints to arrive in the mail from Clark Photo Lab. However, it wasn’t until after having children and then taking a break from my career that I began to focus seriously on photography and it all really “clicked.” I immersed myself in workshops, connected with an amazing group of photographers that were as passionate as I was and began several personal projects. What started out as a drive to document the everyday moments of my children has evolved into somewhat of an obsession. After my initial steep learning curve of the technicals, I have a desire develop my style and impart a stronger voice in my images. Art was not a big part of my growing up, and I want to work on developing and trusting my own instincts and being more deliberate with the images I take. As my boys get older, I will inevitably see a shift in the types of images I shoot and I would like to explore that as well. Most recently I have been submitting work to a stock photography agency and that is something that I would like to continue.  The above two images are among my favorites, capturing my boys in their everyday while infusing a bit of humor…


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