52.2 month 12 : creative techniques

Multiple Exposure, Intentionally Out of Focus, and Creative Favorites

In our last month of p52.2, we are exploring creative composition. Our first creative composition technique is Multiple Exposure, superimposing two or more images on top of each other. The main challenge is to determine the content of the images and how they will work together to have an interesting composition. The second challenge is analyzing how the sensitivity of the sensor changes as we work with our multiple images.

There are a number of techniques used to achieve multiple exposure. Some digital cameras have the capacity to creatively capture the photographers desired composition in-camera, such as the Canon 5D Mark iii, most Nikon dslrs, or the Fuji x100s. While with other cameras, it is necessary to combine the images in post-processing. Other techniques include newer apps that allow you to creative multiple exposures using your iPhone or Android.

Hope you enjoy our collection of creative composition using multiple exposure!

Focus is a big deal in photography. But sometimes photographers choose to use focus in a different way, to draw the viewers eyes to elements that are emphasized by the change in depth of focus. Removing focus changes the story and changes what the viewers’ eyes sees. This week we’ll explore various takes on out of focus images, including, but not limited to, contrasting or complimentary color palettes, movement, framing, structure, and storytelling elements. Enjoy!

The mosaic is generated randomly and will look different each time you return or refresh. You may also continue on to any individual photographer’s website by clicking on her image in the mosaic. Thank you for visiting!


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