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Very simply, we are a group of photographers with a shared passion for learning as much as we can about the art of photography. Two years ago, we came together for a 52-week study of light and when that project ended, we kicked off a year-long study of compositionWho We Become is our centralized site where we share our weekly images – the nearly perfect ones that inspire us, or the flawed shots that show our struggle to grow.

For our third year, we are exploring artistry. Other than our weekly shooting topics, there are no rules. We hope you follow along as we find a little more about who we are becoming – as artists, as friends and as people.

Along the way, we have unwittingly inspired other photographers to embark on similar projects.  If we have had an influence on you and your photography, please let us know by linking back to us, referencing our Who We Become project and sharing your journey with us.  Thank you for stopping by.

cheryl criss sawyer | nyc
erica collins | valparaiso
erica jane | portland
jessie wixon | nyc
jill cassara | ann arbor
julie kiernan | minnesota
julie mak | nyc
justine knight | nyc
kamilla chaudhery | seattle
kelly patton | brooklyn
kennedy tinsley | toronto
kim dupree | texas
linda hooper | nyc
lisa rigazio | silver spring
sarah roemer davis | west harlem
sarah murchison | nyc
stacey leece vukelj | nyc
vane hart | nyc

Each image contained herein is the sole property of the artist and may not be copied or used for any purpose without her express written consent.

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4 Responses to about

  1. kate says:

    I’m not a professional but I love the art of photography. I will be following along from now on!

  2. Candace says:

    I’m a hobbyist and working on my own 52 week project (also in NYC), love this project and will be following along!

  3. Kim says:

    I am a hobbyist and just found your site and love it! I am wondering if I may use your site as a syllibus and quote your information to my own personal study on my personal blog? Thanks in advance and I look foreward to following along in the new year!

    • Julie M. says:

      Hi Kim, we are excited to be a part of your photography journey. Please reference our project and link back to our site so we can see your progress. We hope you get as much out of it as we did!

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