p52 month 11 : color


This month we are exploring the color of light. We usually think that all light from the sun or from artificial sources is “white”, but this white light is not all the same. Most of us are aware that artificial lights have different colors to them. Some are warmer (yellow) like incandescent bulbs and some are cooler (blue) like fluorescent bulbs. The sun can also change it’s color depending on the time of day or weather.

As photographers we are taught to “correct” color in post processing to get rid of the overly warm or cool tones that result from the way the camera sees different lighting conditions. This makes a lot of sense when trying to create flattering skin tones for portraits. But this month we are excited to seek out these different lighting conditions, capture the real color as we see it with our eyes and to use that color as part of the image. Each week we will focus on one of the four colors: blue, green, yellow and magenta.


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