p52 month 12 : creativity


Well, here we are. This month marks our LAST theme of the year! As our last theme, we have decided to play a bit free and loose and to focus on using light creatively.  This may mean different things to each of us, and to each photograph, but expect to see sunflare and bokeh, movement and motion blur, and more.

We can’t believe how quickly a year has gone by but we have the photos to prove it! We have learned so much from the exercise of weekly shooting topics and the inspiration and support of each other. It has been such a great experience for all of us that we have decided to keep it going! Our new year long project is called Photo 52.2: FRAMED and the broad theme is composition. We will study geometry and framing, colors and lines, scale and narrative, and our hope is that, in doing so, our photography will continue to strengthen and grow. Please come along for the ride by clicking HERE!


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